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    From editor's desk : We dedicate the first issue of " Lights Camera Action " to the indian film industry on the glorious journey of 100 years .

    Our team has already started working on bringing you more and more features every montha on the developments in our cinema industries , covering aspects various

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  • Swabhoom Ashtami Films

    Bollywood actor Jackie Shroff, who is currently shooting his fourth Bengali film, says he is excited to be part of the movie based on the burning issue of land acquisition. The 56-year-old actor, who appears as an IPS officer in the film titled 'Swabhumi', said he was aware of the land movement that had rocked Bengal in 2007.

    "I had heard about the land movement in Singur when it was at its height in 2007," the actor told PTI on location. 'Swabhumi', based on Mahashweta Devi's novel 'Adhoba', is being directed by Ujjvwal Chatterjee.

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  • Ashtami Films

    Ashtami films named after “ashtami” the most auspicious day of the durgautsav of the Bengalis is a new production house launched by two friends sonika singh bhatti and Deepak chandak. Sonika singh bhatti is a nationally acclaimed interior designer for turnkey projects and Deepak chandak being a renowned name in the hospitality industry.both of them have joined hands together mainly for their common interest and passion for cinema.Quite obviously interior designing and hospitality industry are very much related and part of the entertainment industry…

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